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Art Link: Yoko Furusho and Rodney Alan Greenblat

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Too many things to mention. Bottom line is- Yoko Furusho is a Japanese illustrator. She incorporated lots of patterns, pastel colors, clear-solid-thin drawing lines and awesome little items in her illustrations (such as mushrooms, flowers, etc). Special note for Ames, she did Alice in Wonderland series too.


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Rodney Aland Greenblat is an american artist (who i guess is a buddhist, since he incorporated quite a few buddhist teaching to his artwork, and he did a couple of buddha portrait - of course in his naive, colorful style of work). His artstyle is unimaginably fun and bold. I love the way he uses color and the way he describe things by painting them in 2D with bld colors, patterns and full filled canvas with every possible eye catching shapes included. His works reminded me of Foster Home For Imaginary Friends - only more daring and fun. His works are just perfectly amusing to enjoy! oh, and believe it or not, he was born in 1960. Pretty cool for an old man, huh?

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