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beaten out?

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I am beaten but not broken.

I believe in divine purpose, and i believe in a life set by the divine calling of God in our lives. Things are not going according to plan, but through this i learned a lot. I have a tendency to pray really hard when things went totally out of hands. when the light at the end of the tunnel is not visible anymore. And at such time, as history tells it, things began to work in wonders.

I believe, and such faith has grown much, much stronger now, that God will do an amazing things tonight. Ivo told the group today to "concecrate ourselves for tomorrow God will do amazing things" as told in the book of Joshua. And trully, it just hit me now (like a minute ago) that the word was spoken to me personally. God told joshua more than three times to not be afraid "for the lord your god will be with you everywhere you go". and i trust that.

what god has opened, no one can close. what god has closed, none can open.

one call with my Dad changes my worries. I prayed along with him and I believe we were both strengthened. Now i know the power of a prayer, the power of two persons prayer. That God was there in his holy presence, and I am waiting for that miracle from that door that God has opened for me from the very beginning.

thank you oh lord. even for the hard times. i see how much they've built me.
trully from hard times came "perseference. from perseference comes hope. and hope does not disapoint us".


ps: yes, it's still the same problem. but yet, i have regained my energy. i was -sadly- not as hot as i am now in my prayer to God. so thanks for the wake up call oh holly spirit, that i now undestand the urgency of such matter. i pray. and will not stop till you bless me.

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