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sanguine phlegmatic?

By  johanna wattimena     4:07 PM    Labels: 

(ini gak tau kenapa. tiba2 ada bruise di kaki dari pagi. gw baru pulang dari rumahnya victor/nono. ngantuk dan capek. kehujanan tapi senang. cause i am spiritually satisfied.)

i just took the oh-so-popular personality test. it seems like every one i know knows their personality. this test that i took, though i can't seem to rely on my answers (30% accuracy), does not ask questions. it only asks me to pick the most similar quality out of the four qualities it shows me. one of them was like "brassy, bossy, bashful, blank" and i was like... i'm 40% bossy (oh, i totally was in elementary school!), im 10% blank, 20% bashful and 30% brassy (yeah, loud and cocky). i should've picked Bossy, but i chose Brassy instead because i think i am much less bossy than i was once, but the brassyness is still there.

i took the same test twice and just go with my first intuition (it took me 4 minutes to get that word. man, i need to read my books aloud. my communication skill is really bad, i write better than i speak! incredibly annoying. wait, why am i talking about this? im such a scatterbrain! speaking of which, there's a question like so- "sluggish, suspicious, scatterbrain, short-tempered". you know which one i am. sluggish 3, scatterbrain 4, suspicious 1, short tempered 2). ANYWAY! *gah* i took the same test twice and tried my best to go with my intuition rather than what i "thought" i am (but really, how can i do that? trying not to think of who i usually think i am and thus thinking like a different person?). and the result was different~

first test:
Melancholy Strength:1 Weakness:4 13%
Phlegmatic Strength:4 Weakness:3 18%
Sanguine Strength:12 Weakness:10 55%
Choleric Strength:3 Weakness:3 15%

second test:

Melancholy Strength:3 Weakness:4 18%
Phlegmatic Strength:7 Weakness:6 33%
Sanguine Strength:8 Weakness:8 40%
Choleric Strength:2 Weakness:2 10%

third test:
Melancholy Strength:3 Weakness:4 18%
Phlegmatic Strength:6 Weakness:6 30%
Sanguine Strength:8 Weakness:7 38%
Choleric Strength:3 Weakness:3 15%

makin lama sanguinenya makin berkurang, phlegmaticnya makin bertambah, ya?
Conclusion= Joe is Sanguine/Phelgmatic

Sanguine which means: gue suka ngomong gede, berisik, terlalu berenergi, lebay bgt juga, moody dan gak disiplin, forgetful, non-priority oriented (kadang2 sih. terutama soal mandi. itu bukan prioritas sama sekali di kamu gue, malahan! lol), easily distracted. Cuma gw juga fun, gampang temenan, cepat maafin orang, bubbly, sincere, curious, inspiring, seemed interesting (benar. hanya terlihat begitu), likes to think up new activities (yes, yes, yes!), story teller (hmm, lihat cerita dlm bracket diatas), child-like, on stage person (padahal i love being back stage too), enthusiastic, has memory for color and i thrives on compliment (so true).

Phelgmatic means that; lack on discipline, not goal oriented, quiet, selfish, sarcastic, resist change, self-righteous, fearful, keep emotions hidden and indecisive. Tapi gue juga low key personality, easy going, quiet but witty, peaceful, doesn't get upset easily, compassionate, concerned, administrative, inoffesive, good listener, good under pressure (bisa diatur, cuma gak suka aja feelingnya jd worry terus2an. cuma ya, gw sekarang lebih "let go". sampe rasanya gue hrs worry sedikit lebih, karena serasa kurang kenceng doa-nya. ADUH, jadi parno!!! udah-udah stop!)

menurut gue, walau pertamanya gak yakin, ini test ada benernya juga. bwehehehehe.

aduh, udah, MAU MANDI! (udah jam 1:47 subuh lu mau mandi jo? mending lo tidur. besok pagi baru mandi. nih anak, gak punya sense of time. sanguine banget.)

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