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urban tribal

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feelin urban tribal by tresdivine

what i'm really into. which means, it's the next thing (so far, what i liked last season had 75% became the eye stealer this season). tribal. im still not refined on this yet. but i know a few of what i like this season:

1. Jewelries - semi precious stone rings(not the ones like diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire which are precious stones), metal fabricated necklaces
2. Natural element on the clothing - tribal patterns, not necessarily big size and bold colors. but still organic enough that it's unique.
3. Im back on gladiators
4. Brown, Yellow and Red. Earthly colors

I am over:
1. hats
2. flats
3. bright colored stockings

I hate that:
Seattle isn't as fashion forward as i wished it could be. At least Jakarta still has some kick to it.

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