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bbrp populasi cg malam ini...

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as usual, every Friday we had this little thing called CG.
i dont know why i decided to post this, while i have a ton of work to do. but i guess i get so many stuff tonight that i can't stop from sharing stuff to you guys - my virtual friends...

hari ini Ivo (gak ada di foto) yang mimpin CG. dan kita ngomongin sin. sekarang ivo lagi pusing bgt mikirin tugasnya yg due in like 30 minutes.

one or two things that touches me tonight are that i gues i have forgotten that all sin's wages is death. lying, killing, cursing, corrupting, yeah all those - each and every one of them- wages to death. it seems incredulous that it is that way. for our society sees "sin" as a "a dot of gray on white = grey, and it continues to be darker and darker and darker till it's pitch black" kind of thing. sometimes i felt, oh that one sin that i have is cursing. oh well, i know god has forgiven me and all i gotta do now is do my best not to do it again.

but no.

i've forgotten that sins has no sizing system. sin is sin. and the amount of energy that god had taken to forgive ALL sins is the same. we killed him. he died for us. pay for our sins. that one died for all and all may live through him.

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