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That was me, two days ago at three a.m, doing my dust jacket for that book i was holding. I was actually happy with what i got thus far. Untill i printed it out and placed it on the book the next day. and i realized it SUCKED!
it was around 12 in the night and i was so tired - due to lack of sleep. so at 3.30-ish i just went to my bed thinking that i could wake up 30 minutes after my nap. cause i hate my cover. hate is with all my heart. 30 minutes after i couldn't get myself to work again. so i just continue on sleeping and woke up the next dy at 8 o'clock feeling very happy. cause the sun was shining and the clouds are pretty. i did my work at school and it looks a tad better after the change. and i was relieved for a while, until i printed it out and looked at the book from a far. i was like -

"@#%()*&^%$#$%&((*&^%$#@#$%^&*!!!!!!!!" - yeah. i didn't say any bad words though. all the anger is corrupting the beautiful day. i need something to drink.

people said that my book cover looks ok. i think it's mediocre. from what i usually do in the past, my book cover is a total let down. this is what i learn from this- never do a project two days before class. you will totally ruin yourself. emotionally and physically.

that is me, now. being totally angry at myself for:
1. Letting me slide off the track on this project. i am NOT gonna do that for other projects. NO EFFING WAY I WILL.
2. Buying the stupid acytate at that whatever store that was for friggin $8 when i can use the one i bought from utrecht - though it's not acytate in a pure sense - for $1.25
3. Not having a better front cover of the book - though i am happy with the back cover and the flaps.

these are the things i would NEVER do again. NEVER!!!!!

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