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val's day

By  johanna wattimena     9:24 AM    Labels: 

one funny thing. my first val day in the states was spent waking up at 7-ish and going to church for a music practice and bible study. i didn't remember that it was valentine's day. i didn't remember till the next day, in fact. well, as i walked down to my bible study class, my friends was all in the other class and i just marched in and started singing "unbreak my heart". of course, my friends are like 'ah si jo jo, biasa lah...' (gue gak tau kenapa gue dipanggil jojo. padahal gw udan insist, untuk dipanggil joe). and i sang a bunch of other songs, until ivo said "jo, udah mandi blom?" and i told her that i didn't. and she said "pantesan kta masi single. valentine's aja gak mandi." LOL ~ yah, mau diapain dong...

after bible study we went to Red Mill for a burger lunch, Green Lake for a hot chocolate at chocolati, and we took a few pics with my Lomo and Tim's slr, walked around the beautifully gigantic green lake and made some shabu-shabu at victor's place. hari bahagia... :)

ps: can't find my latest lomo pics... hmmm... where did i put them?

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