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By  johanna wattimena     6:33 AM    Labels: 
as much as i love partying. i can't chose that over care group. as much as i am curious about the corn drag ball, i can't take that over being with my friends and talking about stuff that really matters. as much as i want to socialize normally to these bules, i can't and i don't want to do that if i have to miss my care group.

so that's a decision i've made.

gah, i want to go. just to check that out. and bust some moves. cause i haven't been to a dance party since... highschool. i missed crazy-dancing. temen2 indo disini selalu ketawa klo gw joged2. i like joged2, but it's gonna be more fun if there are people who craze dance with me too.

but, heck, im still happy. gue butuh ngeluarin energi gue bener2 nih - bukan dalam bentuk kerja (PR GUE BANYAK BGT!) tapi dalam bentuk hal yg fun. kaya karaoke, joged dan ketawa ngak berhenti.

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