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personal to do list before the end of days

By  johanna wattimena     5:45 PM    Labels: 
ok, so a couple of things are on its way and im glad that they are. but here are the things that i ned to do before i kill myself in agony due to non-productivity:

1. get the friggin cutting mat at school. which means, going to utrecht to buy some paper stock and extra blades if my friggin knife went bad.
2. be estatic and get all the creative juice out
3. give myself the best of luck and show the best of perfection for this
4. don't drive myself into insanity
5. don't drive your body into mere "survival" mode.

wish me luck as i do for you guys too who are looking for ways to get the job done. when it's only 48 hours till due date.

ps: 6) stop saying "damn it" and other curse words that are not supposed ot be said. damn it!

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