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gue berharap bisa seperti ini jadinya... panik dan takut. doainnn ya...

Jo: hi, Jeff*, do you have a minute?
Je: yeah sure, come on in
Jo: hi, i believe my father had sent you some email about my tuition
Je: yeah
Jo: yeah, the economy in indonesia is pretty much unpredictable here. we basically had to lower our property's price so that people could afford it. if everything goes according to plan, the guy who's gonna buy our place is coming on thursday and by then we'll be totally sure that he really is going to buy our place. the thing is, we've changed buyers a few times. and this one seems to be the perfect one.
Je: uh huh
Jo: well, yeah, that's that for now. i just dont want the similar thing to happen again next semester. that's gonna be a total let down, you know. im just wondering if i could maybe pay the tuition in two stages for the next semesters. that would really help out.
Je: - worst case scenario- um, im afraid i can't give that to you, johanna
Jo: that's ok, i was just thinking. it might help out my family, at least lessen their burden. i mean, 11 grant is a lot of money, you know. hahaha
Je: -worst case scenario- yeah, sorry we can't do that... but maybe we could.......... (please please please say yes)
Jo: oh, wow (whatever that was. it should be great) yeah, that would be awesome. yeah, i'll tell my father right away. that sounds great. thank you. so... (reiterate his point)
Je: yeah, and (re iterate his point)
Jo: awesome, awesome. well, thanks for everything jeff. i really appreciate your help.
Je: sure, anytime.
Jo: bye

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