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villains on shooting range spree

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can you guess who's who. i stumble upon this on ffffound as usual. and im loving this. i could tell there's Darth Vader, Godzilla, PacMan's monster, some guy who looks like mr.smith from Matrix. help?

the little from my life

im so scared right now. i never felt so small before - no, actually i have. Once upon a time when Johanna took piano classes with a young, pretty teacher named Ms. X, she felt the same way every day the class took place. It's one of those feeling when you just feel like you wanna die because it's just impossible to be better than the others, or at least to stand out from the others.

but i know it's probably is my pride being sucked in, getting through the fact that i will not always be the best. and i should be humble. it is a competition and i shouldn't back down before i even stepped up to the game. And so i ask for courage and strength to keep me walking.

something very, very, scary happened today before i went to school (at 4pm).
i went to the bus stop and as the bus came to a halt, i realized that my bus card has vanished. where it's at i have no idea of. then, the bus driver told me to come in and let me ride for free after i told her that i must've dropped my bus card. i was so thankful that she let me in when suddenly, i realized that i have nothing on me for the bus ride home. i was sitting down, thinking that i might be able to call somebody to help me out. maybe cinko? then, i remembered that there's no more credits left on my phone card. sheer panic. of course i didn't shriek or anything. i just sat down, quite numb to my stupidity and simply said "oh, God". i didn't have the time to re-think the problem when out of the blue, ko iman was waving at me.

*angel choirs* haaaaaaaaalelujaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! all the hazyness of the day suddenly dissapears, i know that ko iman will lend me some money for the ride bus home. and i was right.

so here i am safe and sound. ready to spend the next hours finalizing my portfolio. oh god help me.

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