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warm beach- the report

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futon cleaner bought from daiso the other week, for $1.50. am i such a cheap-stake? no im not. im just a poor, broke, college student living in seattle. ps: the Sakura are blooming!! spring is coming, but the air is still freezing.

it was fun. we laughed so much. i can't even tell you. i was actually really really happy that i could laughed as much, because as far as i could remember, the last time i laughed so hard, and so long, was at... um... SMP. hahahahha. oh, what a pathetic life.

but, then, reality check. Cornish gave me so much homework for the next day that i had to stay up till five finishing my work. and sadly, since i lost my phone - yes i did, at the bus the night i went to Warm Beach- i've got no alarm to wake me up. alhasil, i didn't go to my first class; Digital Publishing. and Misha was like "hey, johanna, you wasn't at class this morning...", and i went "yeah, *sigh* sorry".

today is gonna be the same thing. the difference is. I CANT WAKE UP LATE TOMORROW. because it's my book presentation for Color Theory class. and i won't let Dan down. i've missed enough of that class already. I started to fear for my GPA...

well, let me take a shower and head to my table for work. Ooh, i have a subway sandwich to finish.

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