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Art Link: Ruben Toledo

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Ruben and wife, Isabela Tuledo

The illustrator for Nordstorm catalogues, The Little Black Book and other fashion reads. This amazing man has a magical hand that creates wonderful art which will get you into the dandyness and the couture-ness of fashion industry.

what i love about his style:
1. elongated women, skinny fingers and big eyes and lips - what a girl should look like in the fashion world. ironically, i don't agree with that statement.
2. coloring style. it reminds me of oldies cartoons.
3. the way he dress up his beautiful ladies. duh, it's a fashion illustration!

how can i not love his work? it's just like my style.

amazing would be an understatement

this reminds me of The Secrets of the Chess Machine book which cover is designed by Jonathan Gray.

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