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Divine Planning?

By  johanna wattimena     9:24 AM    Labels: 
cute singled socks to cover clay pots. bril! ohdeedoh.com

Life is full of changes. We, humans are made with abilities to adapt and to change according to our new habitats. Like those socks, after losing their partner, they are creatively re-used - thus, lost their initial purpose- to bring new life into things that might not look as interesting. Life is that way too. One might think that his/her life is set. They have a solid plan ahead of them, no plan B, only plan A. He is made to be a leg warmer, a sock that will never be complete without his one sock partner, and he will always be with his divinely set soulmate forever. But the thing is, his sock girlfriend could be another "[victim] of the Bermuda Triangle otherwise known as the washer/dryer" [carrie ohdeedoh.com]. what's he going do then? He can't just throw his life away and pray that he will be missed. live on and live well, that's what he has to do.

Plans are made for reasons and based on circumstances (of course with its own sets of complication). People think of plans. Plans to prosper, plans to study, plans to quit smoking, plans to make other plans. These plans are bound to crash when they are not properly consulted with the heavenly one. You think your socks will always meet their partner again after 3 months of use, sixteen separations and seventeen re-unitings? Especially at that 17th wash, you'll began to wonder why does it not feel as soft? why is the colors fading away? did i wear it out? i see a hole in there... should i stop wearing it? why does my plans slowly degrading its steadfastness and im slowly getting less resolution to do them? The plot shifted, your life started to make an unexpected turn, and you're wondering why the plans that used to work out 3 months ago, stopped working. Well, go figure.

There is one plan, though, that will never change despite how circumstances may change. There is one thing that will never fade away even after 1,245,936 washes (that's 23 years, if you wash your socks once in a week, or 59 years for us college students- because we wash our socks twice a week. nasty!). Think about this, if you see an ant and you are planning to kill it (sorry Peta). It does not matter if the ant went to another hole to play with another ant despite his wife's love in his heart, it does not matter if the ant went up this hill of twinkies (heaven for it), took a crumb from your sandwhich, met an archenemy and tried to antagonize each other... you will still kill that ant. Despite how crazy the ant's life had been, how many plans he had made and how interesting his last day was, you have a purpose for it and eventually, with the power that's been laid on you, you strike that ant down with your mighty finger, push it down to the ground, crush its exoskeleton, bring it to its creator and crown yourself the angel of death for once.

When a force bigger than you have a plan for you, no matter what you do, you will eventually stumble upon or work your way up to fulfilling that purpose. No matter what you've gone through. No matter how good you were, or how evil you behaved, when the Big Guy got something in his mind for you, he'll caught on to you and there will be nothing greater than to follow your divine purpose.

have you found yours? have i found mine?

And by the way, the Big Guy is God. and No, he won't bully you like you did to the ant, nor will he plan to make your life a living hell like you did to the ant. Why? Because Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good of those who love Him." Even when other people see your life and shake their head in disbelief of what you have to go through.

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