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good friday + rock band

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morning johanna- 8.00 am - she was late to her design meeting. and she could tell that misha was pissed off despite his question wether im doing ok or not. he knows that things are starting to fall off from my hands. i hope he didn't talk to his friends about my unprofessionalism and how it boiled him. like he did to a friend of ours...

After the good friday service at church, we went for dinner and as soon as we got back home (to ching ming's place), me and ching ming played some awesome rock band. call me a loser, but it's my first time playing the game. i took the drums and i sucked at it. real bad im not even joking. the i switched to the guitar. better. but we had to try like 5 times for a song until i got it right.

my hand after h&s class. i took a shower so the marker are all faded out. i should've stopped doing this, since my skin started repelling the pen... but i don't like drawing on paper as much as on my skin. maybe i should be a tatoo artist. but the responsibility and the pain would be just too much for me to handle.

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