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i started drinking coffee

By  johanna wattimena     6:17 AM     
just to stay awake at some classes. right now, im sleepy as a bear during winter. i mean, a tall drip coffee don't help. why? cause it's not hot. what's hot is the weather today which is unbelievably bright (with some wind so it's actually cool, rather than hot or cold) despite google's statement that it was suppose to rain today.

i have a 2 sculptures to finish, one skeleton drawing to render, im extremely sleepy and i dont want to stay late at school tonight - because of the freaky hit-on-me accident 2 nights ago... that's that for now.

oh, btw, i just have a life drawing for hours today. it was fun! of course, after 2 hours of that i started getting sleepy and after the class is done i just want to collapse into sleep.

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