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Laskar Pelangi

By  johanna wattimena     7:37 AM    Labels:, 
I've read over, and over again how people are unsuccessfully trying to translate the title of this novel turned movie. Laskar Pelangi literally means Rainbow Warriors, or Rainbow Soliders. That gets me irritated because, trully, any phrase with the word "rainbow" connected with a masculine noun to it like "squad", "gang", "crew" or what have you, will sounds funny. And with all due respect to whoever is trying to translate "Laskar Pelangi" to English, i think it's better that you use another word other than "rainbow". It makes you think of a pink pony, galloping away in lolly land. It's not as poetic as it should be, it's not as inspiring as it is intended.

So, here is my proposal. "Band of Color" which is a synonim to Rainbow. The "laskar" is implied in "band" as it depicts a group, or a collection of people with the same vision.

At least, that is the closest i could get to translating Laskar Pelangi's title without making it sounds gay. please don't be mad at me for using that as an adjective.

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