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Read: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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(an awesome read. it's the **** - for 4 stars. click here for excerpt)

i found it hilarious. hilarious and awesome and sad at the same time. no, im not talking about all emotional things that girls look forward in a book. it's not just that. it got me thinking, it got me laughing, it got me contemplating and dreaming. Horn Book stated that "The line between dramatic monologue, verse novel and stand-up comedy gets unequivocally - and hilariously and triumphantly bent in this novel."
It's about a Spokane Indian teenage boy who left his reservation school and moved to this all-white high school in the neighboring city. The boy went through all these problems of growing up, facing death, and opposing differences with a great sense of humor. the comic filled book was both entertaining and intriguing.
personally i found a lot of similarities between me and the guy, Arnold Spirit Jr.. Not only because we're both living in the WA state, and we're both going to a school we racially don't belong to. But because we both felt the same way about going to another place and getting a better hope for the future. i dont know if moving to the states under this reason was intentional or not, but it does feel like so. at least my parents made it clear that they agree to sending me to the states for this reason: to retain a better life.
the part that i like best is when Arnold's best friend told him that he's the nomadic kind of indian. that he is "going to keep moving all over the world in search of food and water and grazing land." and how that is pretty cool.
did i ever tell you that somehow, somewhere, i feel like travelling is in my blood? despite my nervousness of being in a new place and meeting new people? and fyi, being nervous and scared is two different things. as Sherman Alexie wrote, being scared is when you're not going to do something you planning of doing, while being nervous is when you're going to be doing what you are planning of doing. and i love that idea.

yes i love that idea. in fact, i love the whole book.

so what's the funny part? well, all the part of being in that boyish hormonal state. if you get my drift *wink* oh, gosh, you're not that daft are you? let me give you a quote. "yep, that's right i admit that i m********e (read the book to find out, or guess). Im proud of it. im good at it. im ambidextrous." i actually research the word ambidextrous, and that got me cracked up again! im excited to read more from this writer. what a great read.

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