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shots: finally manage the time

By  johanna wattimena     4:04 PM    Labels: 

those are some shots from the retreat a couple weeks ago - of course, it's not the place where we stayed. that's an old, scary, fantastic deserted area we found in Warm Beach. Only the ones with black frames are edited, others aren't. cause i just can't bother.

one of my fave thing in that place are these two boys - an old red-orange chevy, and a yellow-orange tractor. yes, those are the exact colors of the big boy wheelies.

and here's some shot of the actual place where we stayed - at least after a hike down to the beach through a little forest in which i took horrible, too-dark shots:

don't be fooled by the name (Warm Beach) it wasn't warm at all. it was at least 30'F at night - well, that's not so bad. it used to snow in march there. so we're kinda lucky that it was just rainy. It's washington state, so that explains the heavy rain and the sad-somber weather. thanks to that, im kinda melancholic now. toned down from my jumpy, bubbly, sanguine self.

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