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Poem: of things

By  johanna wattimena     10:20 AM    Labels:, 
there's just so many things to say that i feel like, i shouldn't write them. in fact, i can't. it's nothing emotional. just complete thoughts and ideas that sound brilliant once i got the time to write them down.

i don't have that time right now. but im so afraid that i'll lose this burst of inspiration.

out of my chest
like a sudden burst of water
a torrent, a fast moving stream
suffocating in its excitement
mind and tongue
like a sanctified marriage
fusing into one
quicken the breath of
the bearer

i screamed!
scream for it's a language
all would understand
i want to let it out
express what this is
but what words come out?
no, nothing could describe this
i want to hold it in
yes, i want to hold it in
in me
in me

chase after me
it bids
to race it
to catch it
shoot the bullet
take it down!

but leap
spring forward
take that chance
of falling down
bruising yourself
seize it
ensnare if you must

i can't let it go by
or it will find another bearer
to let him pursue it
and win a golden ribbon
leaving me with nothing
but the memory
of that sensation
when god flicks his fingers
splashing ideas down
to one who will catch it
and use it
mold it to human words
and glorify
the indescribable

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