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All Girlie and Flowery

By  johanna wattimena     2:44 PM    Labels: 
I'm feeling girlie tonight. So, let's do something girlie. A list (yeah, most girls write lists) of flowers that i like. Let's not talk about things that i like, cause when i last did that... the post went from tagent to tagent.

1. Lily

2. Daisy
3. Bunga Sedap Malam which english name escapes me

Most of the reason is because lily and sedap malam smells good, while daisy is so cute and bright that it always makes me happy. Those yellow-white wild flowers made me happy too.

taken in Indo last year

It's spring time around here and all sorts of flowers are blooming. Tulip season are off by now, Cherry Blossoms are too, some other flowers, however, are still in the process of blooming. like... me!

~yeah, go on, joe.

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