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How to Keep Holding On

By  johanna wattimena     2:11 PM    Labels: 
Here are some reasons that kept me moving from time to time:

1. Remembering the great things God has made in my life, and knowing that better things are yet to come.
2. Being and having friends without any means of practical benefits.
3. The little funny things i could find around me, and how i was there to witness that scene. It's like life is giving me a reason to take things all in.
4. Time and time again, remembering the impossible things that was made possible, always got me in wonder. That this life is not my own, there's something bigger out there totally "looking out for me" -quoted from Marlon.

Back to my point, i think God is really amazing. Despite the situation and the craziness of life, He's there to show His never ending promise to keep you alive and well. Again, despite how bad your situation is --that situation might change in a moment's notice. You just wait (the wait could get tedious, but don't give up) and see (then rejoice and never forget).

you're not gonna believe me how much i paid for it - it's the 8900 bb and i bought it for 25 bucks practically.

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