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Persepolis Cover Art

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Did this earlier this semester. It's a cover art for a fantastic graphic novel about Iran before, during and after its war with Iraq. There was once when war wasn't a concern of mine. Yeah, i didn't agree to it, but it's not like it involves me or my family that i have to dwell in my disagreement to that. Then i read this book; Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and i was agitated with the war in Middle East. That was followed by a movie about the Afghanistan and Israel conflicts which title i couldn't recall. That movie made me realize that these people who are involved in wars is just as ordinary as i am. They could be me, i could be them. I could be the one crying in anguish because somebody bombed my house with my parents in it, and I could be the one strapped in wires and explosives all in the name of freedom. The war change people. I mean, they set a different course to life even when people don't feel it. It creates a new branch of mindset, a different appropach to life and a new set of boudaries to some sort of psychological thing.

the totally legit part of my book cover, thus my fave

the real cover

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