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Bridal Shower

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Despite my never ending vow to never leave my camera at home, things always happen contradictory. So, im sorry people, i can't post any pictures for now. But let me assure you it was one sweetly funny night.

The shower starts at 5, and the food was extremely appetizing for the eyes. They were these cute little hamburgers (low fat - of course) with baby tomato stuck with a tooth pick like a hat, a pyramid of turkey wrap, strawberry+truffle platter, green tea+choco crispy cakes, green tea mousse and fruit ball platter. All of them are cutely decorated and sized accordingly. Just across the table was yellow, green and pink M&Ms placed in an elegant cannister right beside a canister of flower and vines for decoration.

The party itself wasn't so wild, nor it was sweet and cute. We had games after games that cracks every person in the house. It was due to the bra shaped paper blinding folds, the funny and easily distracted mc, the contantly cheering audience and the mc-bullying-bride2be. The groom2be was present at the shower, unexpectedly, in a form of a lamp with his photo placed on the lamp's head and his shirt and pants hung on it. One of the game requires the bride2be to dance around the lamp and open the "guy's" clothes sexily. It was supposed to be slurty, but it turns out to be so so funny! cause in the end, once the shirt was down and the bride2be slowly took of the pants, a paper napkin underwear was exposed - all torned up. seeing the bride2be's expression was priceless.

On the after party we eat some more and dance around, we do a little make-over to our boy-girl Dania and like what all girls do, we talk and crack up more jokes till it was 2 am and the girls needs to go home - for it's church time in the morning.

ps: it was my first bridal shower, and i feel old... ha3

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