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happy birthday

By  johanna wattimena     4:52 PM    Labels:, 

For giving me the best,
for being so patient with this selfish,
doubtful, almost two-minded girl of yours,
for choosing me despite all that, and still loving me,

for making the last 19 years of my life worth living
for always being there when needed
and even so when i thought i didn't need you

for guiding me and loving me
for keeping me on track
and cheering me on

for rebuking me
and yet again, being so patient, forgiving me
for holding me
when i feel worthless

for smiling when i said all these
for saying that you love me more than i could ever, ever, imagine
for creating me so fearfully and wonderfully...

oh, Lord, for being who you've always been
for being the same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

thank you, thank you
for bringing me into your family
since the very beginning...
for dying on the cross for me
and for working in me like never before.

i couldn't get enough of you, father. i need you more and more.
you are, surely, better than drugs.

i love you, jesus.

On the other end:

mars to johanna,
mars to code name mortal j.156
earthling, this is mars speaking
please remain on earth
as we are not ready
to host your presence on our planet
until due notice.

*message will self-destruct in 5 seconds*

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