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Mr. Curtis

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Hillman Curtis, how i adore your short films.
thanks a bunch, xanax, for linking me these.

knowing things i like made me think of these things:
0. from high school until now, i made myself sensitive to different graphic designs; web designs, product designs, etc.
1. Through out middle school and high school, i constantly tried to write novels and short stories. none of them were finished, all of them were like a movie in my head (with specific directing and staging)
2. I started filming since my mom got a hand-me-down video camera from her friend (middle school). I never stop filming, nor stop imagining camera movement and angles since then.
3. Since elementary school, i've always liked to take pictures with my dad's cheapo camera - which i lost in middle school. (yeah, i lost a lot of things. embarrassingly clumsy, me)
4. Earlier than that, i always copy my friends' hand writings and always succeeded. Thus, my love for typography.
5. Much much earlier than that i have always been, and still is, a dreamer. I made up stories, though i need to work on my story telling skills - and my writing endurance (cause i never finish anything i wrote).

what should i do with all these things in my head (and hand)?

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