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the wedding shots

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again, an action without my camera. why, you asked? cause i was busy! now, shut yer mouth! ha3 -jk. just to be frank, me and audrey find most of the spots. for this shot, taken by Stefano Salamony, spot by Johanna and Coreographed by Stefanie Lie. Made a good team, huh?

we had a little after the wedding photo shoot with Mr. Salamony, Mr. Wibowo and the rest of the Downtown Crew in Pioneer Square. one of my favorite spot in Downtown Seattle. It's filled with quirky spots, fantastic finds, and shops you sure will say unique.

one of the few shots of me and cinko. yeah, i got the flower (marriage invitation anyone?) and Cinko (well, it was given first to Gorby, then to Kity, then to Cing Ming, finally to Cinko) got the garter. he didn't know that it was from Ika's legs, so on a shot before this one, he kissed it and people were all telling him where the thing was from. this shot, was how he reacted. hahaha

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