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Diana Instant Back

By  johanna wattimena     8:39 AM    Labels:, 

Since polaroids are getting rare-er and rare-er, Fujifilm Instax gave out their new "polaroid" style instant photographs that could be used in few selected cameras. One of them being Diana Instant Back (and if im not mistaken, Holga). This is one excitement for me because;
1. you do not need to wait for weeks to have your film developed (by then, you'll forget how you take that one amazing picture in your reel)
2. it looks like a polaroid, only you can use it on the amazing diana
3. it's polaroid! should i say more?

sadly, it's way over my budget. this guy costs about 100 bucks. and i think, it's a little too much for me who's goal of getting one of these is just "for fun". i'll wait... or sadly, pass...?

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