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Exploration Day #2: Fremont

By  johanna wattimena     12:53 PM    Labels:, 

Another one of my Seattle exploration trip. What's different today is that i didn't prepare anything but a camera. A small idea on the bus to take, a bag packed with camera and water bottle (yes, and all the other necessities; wallet, cheque book, power bar - which i didn't eat, lip balm and july bus pass).

I missed my #3o bus which supposed to take me straight to fremont, so i walked down to wherever it leads me (knowing nothing about my surrounding), i followed the bus route and went under the Aurora bridge's Troll Street. There i found History House (and my Fremont map).

Next, i went straight down on 35th Ave N, and meet the fremont-must-seen; Waiting For The Interurban sculpture of people waiting for the bus. Fremonters dress these people up according to the weather.

grafitti that greeted me.

gotta love this Flying Apron Bakery's sign; colorful, fun and child-friendly.
By far, my favorite shop sign (and thus, picture). i wish i could get in - it was closed by the time i get there.

The Lenin sculpture, ornamented with Taco Del Mar's gigantic taco.
From the start, Fremont has always been humorous. The sculptors of this rocket dressed up as rocket scientists when they put this up and took a very serious picture in front of their timeless creation that now stands on a clothing shop.

a little river west of the Fremont center.

in front of the river, is this plant shop.

i love this building, cause it is covered in green!
free chocolate tasting @ Theo Chocolate Factory

layar tancep!

neon sign on a bar - which i love.

i think this is a sign of a... studio apartment(?)

i wish i was a little more adventurous, as in, going to every shop and find out what's in there. well, i'm going there again on Thursday with Nana, let's hope we can do a little more that window shopping.

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