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Exploration Day!

By  johanna wattimena     1:26 PM    Labels:, 
Basically, my favorite day -when i actually remembers it- ever since i live in seattle is the first thursday of the month. why? cause it's a free day to totally explore museums in seattle. it's like an incentive for me to go out and be all touristy. sadly, my head decided to do something humorously stupid; bringing my SLR but forgetting to bring the SD Card. Yeah, right, it was one of the stupidest thing i've ever did. I mean, come on! i remembered to bring it, but in between the busyness i just don't remember to take the thing off the card reader and put it into the camera. talk about clumsiness! so, all pictures are taken with my BB cam. SAD!

well, today's exploration is:
Pioneer Square (2nd and 1st ave of roads from Cherry St to S Jackson St) and Waterfront
blocks of quirky shops, artistic places with a hint of vintage-1950s-america.

a book filled book store, almost the length of the whole block of street. tall book shelves, that you need a ladder to reach the top shelve (which i think is awesome), and don't you just love the clock right in front of the place?

isn't this a very cool lamp? -above and below-

a print machine in the Underground Shops - an underground collective of art shops, vintage book store, a vintage guitar restoration shop and book printing, vintage photography and other restoration shops.

one of the four different art exhibition, one of it fits my style the best (sadly, i can't remember the artist's name) -below-

this shot below is taken on Saturday, at Seattle Center. Isn't this the cutest?

spent about two hours of walking around town and getting to know places that tourist might missed. it's fun cause i do it on my own pace. it's not fun because my Crocs just kept getting little prick of stones, and i forgot to bring my camera's memory card - so there goes the slr that i tagged along. in the end, it's a worthed trip.

shops i went to or passed by:
1. a 1920s-flapper-ish store on the other end of pioneer square
2. vintage book stores (there are hand-made illustrated books which have "amazing" written all over each pages)
3. pottery school @ the underground store
4. numerous coffee stores
5. ye olde curiosity shop (waterfront) - i saw a real mummy, up close and personal!! and a lot more weird Ripleys stuff. like a two headed cat, four legged chicken - all preserved in jars.
6. pirate plunder (waterfront)
7. break dancers in front of the Seattle Aquarium

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