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maybe my last

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I wish taking pictures with film isn't this expensive.
Here's the story: Johanna tried a new photo developer called Camera West. An old timer in Seattle area. But, it was a huge mistake. Not because they aren't professional - which they are. It all comes down to this; it takes them 3 weeks to develop my film and 30 bucks worth of money to get them on a CD.
Yes, i was quite in shock when receiving my film. It would be OK if my film was all great shots and i get to get at least 13 out of 16 films. But, since my last trip to Pike Place resulted to the Open Back-ed Holga, at least half of my reel was burned. So, goodbye to all the 10 great shots i took at parks with my school friends and shots i took at Pike Place... and hello to 30 bucks' worth of 11 shots.
am i happy? with some of the shots; yes. with most - not really.

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