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Sprinkler Accident

By  johanna wattimena     4:10 PM    Labels: 
Somebody aimed the sprinkler at my open windows right beside my bed (on which i store all my art stuff). The water hits perfectly at my 2 layered windows, and therefore sending all the water into my room, wetting all the art paper. i was forced to do some quick thinking - took a plastic bag that was once a storage for sencond hand paintbrushes, make that as an emergency "water basin". close the 2nd layer window, making sure the water basin is working its magic, i went out and re-set the sprinkler.

it was 2.12 at night, and thanks to the sprinkler, i jammed my middle finger at the window. first thing i said was "what the heck?", that means; no curses! yay! time to clean up after the mess and put some healing kiss to my magic finger. yea, the finger that said the magic word very, very rarely.

items trashed:
1 stash of paper
6 sheets of kitchen napkins (used economically)
almost a portfolio (hoping those babies are drying up safely)

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