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things left unknown

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regretfully, i have to write this in indonesian.

temen kuliah gue [putih - rasis], inisial "S", baru "mimpi" tentang gue.
Out of the blue, he just told me about it, in a 75% non-descript way that only fellow artists would understand. Sadly, i, not knowing what i was trying to decipher, read his 3 sentences email about three times- knowing for sure that the word "rape" was written with a purpose there- i placed the puzzle together and BAM, my stomach won't stop moving now. this is what they called;

sick to the f u c k i n g stomach.

Stencil art by Hutch on the glorious Flickr

stop thy dirty thoughts, cause no one wants to starred in them. better yet, no one wants to know you've included them in your sickly organic imagination.

ps: i will erase this from my memory.

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