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We Got Married [k-show]

By  johanna wattimena     12:23 PM    Labels: 

This is how words of mouth worked:
1. Rossy wrote in her blog about We Got Married, a korean reality show about fake-marriages between celebrities.
2. I wasn't interested at first, but after a couple months decided to give it a try
3. Watched 20 episodes, until i watched the Wedding Shots of Kim Hyun-Joon and Hwang Bo [shots above]. Of course, i love the other couple's 100-day wedding shots too, but these guys that do the lettuce couple's shots did an amazingly quirky reel of shots! Their ideas of the scenes and the poses are ridiculously cute, i can't help but let out a few "awh!" and "ooh!".

Probably, after these episodes, i'll stop watching the show. Cause nothing could ever top that part; wedding shots.

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