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cows and other conversations

By  johanna wattimena     3:56 PM    Labels: 
Consciously opening up myself, my heart and my being, to people who i do not know is quite energy sucking for some reason. You call it making friends, i call it a battle to walk out of my comfort zone. I could just sit there, listen, laugh and add a few sentences, and all will be well for me. But you need two to tango, you need "the more" to reach "the merrier". If you want to make a fire, but all you got is one burning stick and few unlit ones, use the little fire you have and let the other sticks catch on.

It's mind-boggling how we, as human, interacts with each other. How much give and take we do when we converse. How much we pour energy into a pool and let others take that and mold it into their own kind of energy into the pool which they will pour into the same pool for others to salivate. This process of give and take wears me out by the end of the day. When what you get are positive energies, then you'll be happy. But when you get are nothing but negative energies, you'd be tired as a working-cow (give milk, eat grass till fat, give more milk, once reaches a certain age be killed then skinned). if, there are few other cows working along for this one goal, there'd be more cows happy than die of young-depressed age.

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