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Power Cord

By  johanna wattimena     12:27 PM    Labels: 
This is the story of my day:

1. Go to school
2. Go to classes, do Type1 homework at my 3 hour break
3. Go to Book Making Class, then went home at 7.30pm
4. Miraculously picked up by Marlon at the gas station, got home totally dry from rain.
5. At home, thanking God for the awesome time-work, felt quite happy though there's a slight uneasy feeling in my chest.
6. Realizing that i left my power cord at school, left totally devastated
7. Eat half-heartedly, talking to Marlon with desperation to just switch off and give up.
8. Shower with thumping heart
9. Praying for help
10. Texting Kohei (my JP housemate) about borrowing his power cord.
11. Knock on the door, kohei asked what a power cord is. i told him it's the charger. he said that i could borrow it.
12. Went to Kohei's room, get the power cord, talk about his first day of school, his new music and his new hair cut.
13. Went back to my room, writing this blog while thanking the Lord.

i believe nothing is a coincidence.
let's see what God can do through this "stupidity" of mine.

ps: i hope my power cord is still there... Brian, please say you found it.

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