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Tales: Late Night Rambles

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"I tried not to think about it," i told him, "You know, about the scandal..."
"Of which you are not, in anyway, involved?" his raspy voice replied over the phone.
"Well, maybe more like a friend of the suspect. That makes me... a... um, witness?" i made do. I heard nothing but his breath. I know he was just lounging around on his sofa bed, listening to my rambles as he watch the night grew steadily cooler.

" It's fun, i guess, in a thick-black-oil-spill way," i continued while sipping on my morning coffee.
" Ha! A contrary to the former adjective. Now, continue with the verdict," he added sarcastically.
" That was me being subtly sardonic, thank you very much," i playfully smiled at my reflection on the coffee maker. I imagined him rubbing his hair and changing his sitting position to a more comfortable one. " Im half-way around the world from it. Nothing can be so bad when you're this detached." It's gonna be a long night talk - at least for him.

"Being of great distance from you doesn't make a scandal all the less menacing."
That's true, i thought, i gotta give that to him. But it's not like this scandal is any of my concern. Having a friend playing a part of a movie doesn't grant me a spot in the plot. It's more like a dream of a nephew i will never be acquainted with. "Distance isn't a factor that could change the way you perceive, the way you feel, the way you be," suddenly philosophical.

"Agree, distance can't unhook what's been hitched." I was referring to something else.
"Hmm..." that's all he said with a little rustle behind him.
"What was that?" curious, i asked.
"I'm hugging this girl-imagined-pillow," i can hear his smile as i tried unsuccessfully to sip another coffee after pleasantly startled. A familiar warmth fills my chest, "You're enjoying this aren't you?" he asked, we laughed. That warmth wasn't from the caffeine.

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