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Skinage: Berthold Bodoni Old Face

By  johanna wattimena     3:22 AM    Labels: 

another skinage, after such such a long time. im loving this one. hopefully it won't fade till the evening ends. after taking 2 weeks of type class, im so into free-handing awesome fonts like this one: Berthold Bodoni Old Face. If you like making your own fonts like i do, join this www.letterplayground.com!

U P D A T E D --

Since the tail of my R wasn't drawn correctly (it needs a bolder curve and it supposed to have smaller teardrop, with longer square-tipped serif on the stem), i redraw the tail and this is what came out. the overall looked fine, but it's not a perfect bodoni old face because of how thick my R is. Still, i liked it. It's like a finer Claredon Roman with a Bodoni look.

i retrace it with waterproof eyeliner, for extra protection.
har har har

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