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film Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. We have a movie session today, and we're going to make a poster for that movie. It was great that the movie was one that i am familiar to. I watched it once, and i though i got it. but i don't. until i watched it the 2nd time in class today, that's when everything starts making sense. no, it's not because im stupid (thankfully, i am lead to believe so). My two other classmates had the same experience too (about how the movie will become clearer and it'll hit you in the spot after a number of watch).

so that's what happened today. lots of things happening tonight: do my class works (drawing, type 1's final project, costume). if i think about all the craziness that i have to face tonight, a sinking feeling came over me. like, will i have time for all of these without losing my health. but, i choose to trust in the Lord that He will make everything works at its time. i think i was too caught up with my tiredness at school that it affected my whole weeks. but, im going to change! i'll put my trust up there, and wait for a little help :)

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