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how you start your day will affect the whole day.

i started mine real bad today.
1. woken up by my alarm @ 1am, went back to sleep, though a drawing project was due that day.
2. woken up by my all night turned on radio at 7 something, went back to sleep.
3. woken up again at 8 something, went back to sleep, then wake up at 9 minus 15 minutes, thinking; im late. ugh.
4. went back to sleep after choosing to skip the drawing class (untuk kesekian kalinya... 3 or 4 times now)
5. bangun jam 10, baca alkitab 5 menit, terus ketiduran lagi
6. bagun jam 11 lewat, tidur lagi, bagun jam 12 kurang bbrp menit, bengong, sarapan, ganti baju, cabut skola.


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