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church's retreat & scholarship

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went to another retreat @ warm beach which was awesome.
the message just hit me hard tonight - 2 days after the preached time:
That God created us all with a beautiful purpose in time, the problem is do you see yourself like god sees you? in order to do the things He made you for, don't you need to have the sweet, humble, Godly perspective of your life and the things surrounding you? Just know that the God who started the good work in you will never stop working in you, till he comes back and get you. Just let him lead and shape you, and you will never grew tired of having a bigger heart that loves Him and the world.

yeah, it does take a long time for things to go into my heart, huh?
but im glad it did, and i pray it'll stay.

feel loved even more now.

btw, if you're wondering abt my scholarship story:
1. went to school at 10 and printed things out at 11.55 - five minutes before what i thought was the deadline time.
2. figured out from Heather that the due time was at 5
3. took my time to re-design and re-write a couple of stuff for the portfolio.
4. re-print - which cost most of my printing balance
5. submit 5 minutes before deadline
6. pray and skipped the next class to do that class's homework while singing a whole lot of Disney songs with Stephanie and Sarah.

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