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The manager (or we assumed he was) was being a douche to us when we had our Art History presentation at their cafe. He kept walking around us, glaring at us - as if trying to find something wrong to kick us out, and in the end said to our professor that we had to go out because he needs to mop the floor. He could've said that in the beginning, so we could move and get a better presentation time and also a slightly better opinion about their cafe. I believe our professor talked to one of the employee, thus able to use the area for our presentation. There wasn't much commotion until the guy came into the picture - which is like 3/8 of our presentation time.
We were all pretty excited about this place, telling each other that we should come back here and bring our friends, until he treated us that way. Way to ruin your business?

@ Stella Cafe, across the street from Seattle Art Mueseum

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