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Rambles: idols reflected on

By  johanna wattimena     2:37 PM    Labels: 

jung yong hwa - 1989, CN Blue's hot voice leader

ok. ini keterlaluan. keterlaluan!
i can't believe even korean stars are getting younger and younger, they are almost my age. yes, i know im getting older (ugh, yes, this girl can't face the fact). But as daft as this may sound, when before i can always idolize the bigger, older, unreachable guys -- now i'm expected to see them in a new light (no, not that they are 'reachable' now - expecting bgt lo jo), it's more like they are asking me "where you at?" Kemana kerja keras kamu? Where has that brings you to?

Yeah, my justification says people get lucky and its their luck that gets them there. but no, i don't believe in luck-based success. somewhere along the way, you work hard on something, you hoped for a big break, and you worked it things out - persevere on it. now, where's my share of perseverance?

This so called daft thing now becomes a deep self-reflection. of where i should've been. tuhan, kencengin tenda ku lagi.

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