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Rambles: idols reflected on (part2)

By  johanna wattimena     6:35 PM    Labels:, 

i was on artist overload today, i guess. i've never seen stars this way before: that they are glorified-humans. sure, they looked good, they sang and dance well. but to see it all through, who gave them that glory that they worked for? the fans, the people. stars were there to entertain others. and in return, we lift them up on stage and shower them with glitter and gold. isn't that one of the nicest things people can do; to give?

now coming from another tangent. i just watched taeyang's newest video. i passed out after the first minute, but regain my consciousness soon - yet soon enough my mouth was agape in disbelief. after taeyang's hotness faded, the music video was more like a collage of taeyang in different costumes, singing and showing his abs. no story line, no beautiful graphic candies. the song itself, i bet, doesn't mean nothing to the singer. is it a true heart cry? no, it's pure entertainment. why are there long-legged dancers sitting around him, touching his all-about? entertainment. why does he show his abs, even went topless? entertainment. why even dance around sandara, who's just gonna reply with a mere inviting smile? entertainment. why does he have a slight stubble around his smiley lips? its all for girls like you and i who in a way or another is entertained by whatever, whoever, stars do.

where im getting is this, what's the use of that? When entertainment doesn't leave a meaning to us, or when what you're doing is just to brush on temporary happiness, just to entertain and will not give anyone something to think upon. it doesn't give the entertainer something to think about, it doesn't impress anything upon them, then why should it be worth a thousand dollar of an industry? and yet, as we gain nothing and as they give nothing that will last, we still pile ourselves with these layers of 'shallow happiness' and the entertainers keep on finding the different colors that will make you 'feel happier'. energy wasted, yet still loved.

food for thought. (but really, isn't taeyang cute? pointless!!)

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