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my parents are away now, tagging with them the other two jos.
it's great to feel that carefree these few days, not having to take my cell or my wallet or bus pass with me anywhere. that's a nice i-got-it-covered feeling. brought me back to older days when every night we'll end it with a prayer and another 15 minutes talk with my sister on the bed, with the lights down and my parents telling us to shut up and go to bed, or when i would gang up with my brother to tease our sister, or just to talk with everyone - all at once.

i had forgotten what it was like.
my heart is feeling the loss again-
now that i spent a whole evening alone,
with no one of the same blood around-
almost confused with the sudden changes.

ps: cleaning up my room. will move out in a week or so. i will miss the fernandez for sure. that's another crying session now.

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