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By  johanna wattimena     5:38 AM     
i was talking to dania last week about me not having favorites. or preferences, as she put it.
we joked about how i would pick a guy for a date. i'd close my eyes, and do a random pick.
but after thinking with her for quite a while, i figure some things that i like. not that im gonna be totally picky about it, but at least "it's a start" quoted from danz.

1. i like yogurt pie. that one, that i can never make, from Oma Dee's friend in Indo.
2. i dislike soggy food. food that wasn't made soggy but turned soggy. like cookies dipped in milk, corn flakes cereal after 1 minute in milk, soft/soggy noodles, etc.
3. my favorite yogurt is: honey greek yogurt! yes, with an exclamation point.
4. i like honey glazed onion.

that's all i can think of. the rest of the food pyramid would be a "yeah, sure, whatever" thing.

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