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in the pursuit

By  johanna wattimena     7:26 PM     
i dont know
i dont know i dont know i dont know!

im blind as a bat
i know i was built for something
a greater purpose than just leaving carbon footprints
but what that is
i am left clueless

i tried to think of the things
that makes me stay awake at night
so graphic design luls me to sleep
motion graphics is incredibly frustrating
i put writing on hold, skills escape me
singing is an old dream
acting was a laughable career of make believe

despite all that
i know that i know that i know
i'm very sure i am
made for a purpose greater than myself

people told me, you're made for the entertainment
some other told me i'm gonna be a humanitarian
my brain, and my history claims the obvious teaching path
but really, dear God, i want passion.

suatu hari nanti, aku bakal tau.
cause you never stop working good works in me. thank you.

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