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hearing and listening

By  johanna wattimena     9:01 AM     
just a retrospective to what happened 5 minutes ago
i was concentrating on something, at the same time, listening to songs that i spiritually need and wanted to listen to. but due to my focus on this unimportant thing, i did not really hear the music (moreover the words sung) until i was done with the unimportant thing, and started to wander around my computer.. the and only then i started hearing the music. when i tune into it, i heard it and got into it.

i think it's really similar to our way of 'listening to god'. you ahve to get rid of all the distractions around you, the words you have in your mind, the things that you think you 'have to do' after, the things that you have done just before and what you think of it. i guess, tuning into god is quite an art too.. such an art that i still have to find out. but this little instance that i was talking about before, was quite an "oh" moment.

to shut up, focus and feel it.

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