to a memoir of some sort
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By  johanna wattimena     10:17 AM     
and so i sat and wonder. im drawing up blank.
One, i have now idea what im going to say, but i know i have to say something, leave them with something to carry home. Two, i started getting distracted with the book of eternal procrastination damnation (you know, the book full of faces you know. fesesbuk). Three, oh my gosh he's so cute! *stop panic attack stop* HOW COULD YOU SEE HIM AS CUTE, Johanna?! stop stoppppp!! Uncle, away you from my face. *muka merah padam, hati jantungan kaya hampir ditabrak ojek*

Yak kini saatnya tarik nafas dalem dalem, dan mulai fokus lagi. YA'OLOH INI KUMAHA!

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