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Minggu Ini

By  johanna wattimena     5:03 PM    Labels: 
kamar saya bau gas. saya baru matiin heater buat seluruh rumah. karena januari kali ini bakal sedikit lebih frosty dari januari 2010. januari 2009, i remembered it vividly was thick, white, cold. and i loved how beautiful it was. frickin beautiful i almost frosted to death.

this sunday the snow fell without commitment. the moment they hit the ground they turned to water and i was left exasperated. where was the promised pile of white, fluffy things on the ground? i know you could never trust weather forecast in seattle. they change so often it only gives you false hope.

but in anycase, saya cuma mau ngucapin selamat minggu baru. nikmati, nak. minggu ini cuma sekali. Mmm, as a secret saya mau bisikin something.. *pssst* pret. bye!

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